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[Apple Car Play / Android Auto] Installation Questions
Q - My car does not have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Can I get these by ordering a Map update?
A - Certain 2014 to 2017 models will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto after a Map update. Please check the “New Features” guide listed under your particular model. 
    If Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not mentioned, then an update will not add these features.

Q - My car does not have built-in Navigation, but I want to update to get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Can I order the Map update?
A - You will need to order the Non-Navigation Update instead of the Map Update software. 
    Please go to the homepage of this website and click on the Display Audo Software Update link.

Q - I am having issues with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Will a Map update fix this?
A - Although a Map update can provide the latest software, there could be many other unaddressed issues as to why you are experiencing these problems. AutoEver is not the developer of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Map updates provide data on the latest roads, points of interest, and (depending on the model) latest software. 
    Apple CarPlay/Android Auto issues should be addressed to Hyundai customer care (800) 633-5151.