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Vehicle Update Guide
Step One Start Navigation Updater
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Please start the Navigation Updater by double-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

Step Two Log in to Navigation Updater
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  • 1
  • Enter the MyHyundai Email Address that you registered on the Hyundai Motors website
  • 2
  • Enter the MyHyundai Password that you set for the Hyundai Motors website
  • 3
  • Remember Email/Password
    - Your Email/Password will be saved automatically for the
    next time you log in
  • 4
  • Enable Auto-Login
    - When you run the Navigation Updater, you will be
    automatically logged in to the Update page
  • 5
  • Find Email/Password
    - If you forget your ID or password, you can find it on the
    Hyundai Motors website
  • 6
  • Sign Up
    - You will be redirected to the Hyundai Motors website where
    you can sign up for a new account
Download Step Image
  • 1
  • Select "Guest Login" to use the Navigation Updater as an unregistered user