Type : Navigation
October 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update
Register Date : 06-Nov-2023
New features and enhancements

  • When traffic problems are detected on your route, the system automatically calculates and displays the comparative time and distance of an alternative route. The navigation system ensures, that you can always see how fast your current route is.
    • The system consistently guides you to the optimal route, regardless of current location or time, even in the event of changing traffic conditions or congestions on the roads.
    • You can configure the [Compare routes] feature by going to [Settings] > [Navigation] > [Route guidance].
    • You can also check this in the map view on the split screen of the navigation system. It will be displayed when you select [Route overview] under [Map view].
Standard-class Gen5W Navigation

  • Introducing "Sounds of Nature 3", curated by Jung Jae-Il, the acclaimed music director behind the hits "Parasite" and "Squid Game"! Experience new soundtracks for all four seasons, including 'Harbingers of spring', 'A summer night's rest', 'Autumn sentiments', and 'Warmth in winter'. While driving, enjoy the changing seasons with these evocative soundscapes.
Standard-class Gen5W Navigation

Type of head units available to update

Provides navigation update about map and improvements. For the new version information, please refer to ‘List of eligible vehicles available to download’ in this notification.
▷ Navigation systems available to update : Systems with the following representative screen

  • Compact Gen5 Navigation

  • Standard-class Gen5 Navigation

  • Standard-class Gen5W Navigation

  • Standard-class Gen5W(8 inch) Navigation

  • Please only use the official NaU (Navigation Updater) software found on this website to download your map.
    Downloading or copying it from other sources can lead to update failures and lead to critical issues to the navigation system
  • If you experience any issues  while using the NaU software or before/after installation, please contact Hyundai Customer Care
  • If your navigation system has a SD card, you need to use SD card for updating the software and map.
    The SD card slot is located just below/above the vehicle display screen
    • If your vehicle has a 16 GB SD card, please purchase a high-grade 32 GB SD card
      ~ Please do not use micro SD card ~
    • If your vehicle has a 32 GB SD card, please use it to update
      Please do not use SD card to save music or other data files
  • If your navigation system does not have a SD card, you need to use a USB flash drive for updating software and map      
    • Please format (ExFat) the USB before using the NaU software    
  • When selecting your vehicle, make sure the model/model year are correct before starting the download process  
    • If the wrong model/model year is chosen, the update cannot be performed   
  • Please select the correct drive on your PC if you connect multiple media to your PC
    • Disconnect the media after only after confirming the download process is complete    
  • Disconnecting the media during the download process can lead to corrupt files and a map update failure
  • Note:
    • this update provides software (that may include adding new features and removing others) and map data that may change user and interface experience
      After installation, it is not possible to revert to the previous software version
    • Certain new features such as Connected Routing and Weather Data require active Bluelink subscription to access
  • Warning:
    1. During vehicle software installation, engine must be running to keep the battery charged
      Do not turn off the ignition switch or eject SD card/USB during upgrade procedure
    2. Updating navigation while idling may violate the relevant traffic regulation
      Please be sure to comply with your local traffic regulations before proceeding with the update
    3. How to double check your car is running
      • The start switch should indicate “ON” or the light on the start button is lit
      • a software update could effect the functionality of aftermarket component (i.g. aftermarket rear view camera, speakers, etc.)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Hyundai Customer Care or the Customer call center