Type : Navigation Updater
Portable device formatting unsuccessful
If you continue to encounter an error message saying, ‘Portable device formatting unsuccessful’ or related to an USB while using Navigation Updater, it can be associated with reading/writing issues of an USB or USB port. Please refer to the following to find a solution.

  • 'How to fix ‘A format/lock error occurred in a removable storage device’
    1. Check if an USB can be formatted manually
      • If the USB is detected in My PC (or My Computer) but unable to be formatted, go to 3
      • Refer to 2) on how to manually format an USB ‘An error occurred while copying from PC to a removable storage device.’
    2. Reboot the PC after disconnecting the USB > Proceed the update by connecting to another USB port

      Reference: When you remove an USB from the PC, you may select a safe eject method for prolonged use of the USB.

If you continue to experience the same issue after trying the instructions above, please try other PCs or USB port.