Type : Navigation Updater
Error occurred while downloading/decompressing the files.
If you see this message saying ‘An error occurred while downloading/decompressing’, along with the error codes below while you use Navigation Updater,
the error takes place when a file download is blocked by network firewalls or security programs.

  • Error code 3: ERR_UNZIP_FAIL_MODULE “file decompression error”
  • Error code 4: ERR_UNZIP_FAIL_RENAME “file decompression error”
  • Error code 6: ERR_DOWNLOAD “download error”

Please fix the problem by referring to the solution below and if you continue to experience the same issue, please contact our website Q&A

  • How to fix a problem with error codes
  1. Turn off Windows 10 / 11 Firewall
    1. Type [Firewall] in the search box of the Windows button in the lower-left corner of the monitor
    2. Click [Windows Defender Firewall]
    3. Click [Allow an App or Feature through Windows Defender Firewall] in the upper-left corner of the page
    4. Click [Change Settings]
    5. Click [Allow Other App] in the bottom-right corner of the page
    6. Click [Search] in the bottom-right corner of the page
    7. Open [Navigation Updater.exe] via the newly installed Navigation Updater path then add
      • In the case of Win10 64bit, the typical installation path for Navigation Updater can be found in [My PC > Local Disk(C:) > Program Files(x86) > Navigation Updater > package]

  2. Stop the real-time protection feature of a security program or exclude the Navigation Updater from being monitored.
    • As the specified setting for a vaccine program may differ from one another, please ask the respective manufacturer for detailed instructions.