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Vehicle Update
Step One Select Storage location
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • Select a location to save the update data
  • 2
  • Click "OK" to proceed to the next step
  • ※ If you save the data on an HDD, you can copy it to an SD card/USB/DVD manually
Step two Update
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • While the update is in progress, the update progress is shown in percentage/text
  • 2
  • Click "Pause" to temporarily stop the update and "Resume" to continue updating
Step three Update completed
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • Select another vehicle
    Go to the page to select another vehicle
  • 2
  • Open folder
    Open the folder to check the saved files
  • 3
  • Copy to USB
    You can copy update files saved on the HDD to an USB
Update notice

Guide when map update copying in manually

1. Saving USB device and SD card Copy the update files. Save in the Root directory storage

2. Saving DVD Add the use of the DVD Write tool

※ Caution - We are not responsible for portable device related issues during map update - When you select to proceed map update by using Navigation Updater, if you select saving in portable device(USB),
no additional saving action is not required

USB Card, USB, DVD Update notice

1. Notice when you proceed map update by using USB

권장 USB 타입

Recommended USB Type

비권장 USB 타입

Not recommended USB type

- Disrecommend Usb type : the stability of the upgrade will be low depend on contact wear

2. SD Card recommended Specifications

1) Genuine SD card should be recommended for navigation update

- Using normal SD card can be low stability

2) Recommended specifications when you using normal SD Card

- SD Card storage space has to be more than 32G, Speed level should be more than UHS-I.

SD Card recommended Specifications

SD Card recommended Specifications
Item standard
size 24mm x 32mm
Thickness 2.1mm
voltage 2.0 ~ 3.6V
capacity SDHC 32GB
File System FAT32
Speed Class 10
UHS Speed Class UHS-1
Read Speed 42MB/s
Write Speed 23MB/s

3. DVD Warranty Specification

3. DVD Warranty Specification
Product name Contents Type
Disk DVD-R 8X Recommend
Make sure to use DVD+R, DVD-R types DVD Disk Necessary
Image Type Data disk type Necessary
Write speed 4X Necessary
Multisession Options Multisession Options is not selected
(not burning disc more than once)
File system ISO 9660 + Juliette Necessary