Type : Navigation
[Standard Gen5W Navigation] Wireless update for maps and software (available vehicle)
Register Date : 05-Apr-2022
What’s new

  • This update will enable the Standard Gen5W Navigation to update the map and infotainment software wirelessly
    • Please download the software on a USB drive and update the vehicle’s infotainment system. From the next update onwards, your system will automatically check the availability of new software and download it in the background. The first part of the update is also automatically installed in the background. When you turn the ignition off, you can select whether to proceed with the second part of the update, which takes around 10 minutes
      ※ Update guide: Go to Update Guide
      ※ Recommended capacity of USB drive: min. 64 GB
      ※ Please refer to the table below for models that support wireless update
      ※ The complimentary period for wireless update is the same as the complimentary period for Bluelink services (3 years for IONIQ 5)

List of eligible vehicles supported by wireless updates

Model name
Navigation System
Standard Gen5W Navigation


Q: What is wireless update?
A: The wireless update function enables you to download and install new maps and infotainment software wirelessly

Q: How often is new software released?
A: New maps and software are usually updated twice a year

Q: When will the first wireless update take place?
A: The first software will be available wirelessly in early summer 2022

Q: Is wireless update free of charge?
A: Wireless update is free of charge during the complimentary period for Bluelink services. In order to keep using the wireless updates after the complimentary period, you need to extend your Bluelink subscription

Q: How can I update the latest software wirelessly?
A: If you drive for longer than a certain period of time after starting the vehicle, the latest version of the map and software will be downloaded automatically.
When the ignition is switched off, you will be able to select whether to update the software now or schedule the update for later.
(You can check the update progress status in System Settings - General - Version Info / Update.)

Q: Is there anything to keep in mind when conducting wireless updates?
A: For a stable update, please remove any connected USB drives before pressing the “Start” button

Q: When I turned off the engine, I pressed the “Start” button to begin the update. Do I have to wait in the car until the installation is finished?
A: You can leave your vehicle during the update. Your infotainment system will proceed with the update. The system will be turned off once the update is completed.
You will receive a push notification from the Bluelink app